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“I’m new to the business and fortunately I found DollarPerHead, which set me up on their System and handled the entire process flawlessly.”

Jim Turner, Miami.

“Support like the one I found with DollarPerHead can really take your business to another level and they have some of the best rates in the industry”

Scott Nguyen, Dallas.

“DollarPerHead promised and delivered, a way for agents to manage their accounting and bookkeeping anytime and anywhere, with simple easy to use tools. They have outperformed all of my expectation.”

Jimmy Wong, San Francisco.

“DollarPerHead was a perfect fit. Their Sports Software has helped bring in more business and manage it with a great support staff. I highly recommend DollarPerHead to anyone looking to grow their business.”

Mike Peters, Atlanta.

“I have used DollarPerHead for the last two years. DollarPerHead is always there to answer my questions and when I need advice they are there to help me grow my business.“

Steve Bennett, Chicago.

“I would recommend DollarPerHead to people who need a reliable and innovative company to handle and keep track of their business.”

Bob Rogers, Los Angeles.

“DollarPerHead helped me by Breaking down the current market and giving me the tools needed to increase my profits”

Nick O'Connor, Boston.

“One thing I really liked about DollarPerHead was their business model of offering events and options that many other places would not, it has one of the best selections that I’ve ever seen”

John Richards, New York.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of dedicated professionals work with you, to create a customized profile based on each of your player's operational needs. Big or small you have access to the most advanced tools and experienced consultants in the industry.

Our software is utilized by the largest sportsbooks in the industry. And for this reason, you can rest assured that it is the safest and most secure wagering platform for you and your clients.

We are the leading choice